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  Welcometo ShortnessOfBreath.it, your source for the latest and most comprehensive information in pulmonary medicine. We are the place where science meets practice, creating a medium that inspires, educates and leads to a better understanding of our lung health.

  The entire spectrum of people - from medical students, to physicians of all specialties, to patients and their families looking for solid and trusted information - siphon knowledge from this site.

   Our Mission

  Our main goal at ShortnessOfBreath.it is to bring you the latest research, articles and information in various fields of pulmonary medicine. We want to make it easy to access knowledge for everyone who wants to know more about lung health.

   What can you find on our website?

 ShortnessOfBreath.it is a content-rich scientific journal that covers a wide range of topics related to pulmonary medicine:

  • Latest Research - We provide the latest and most important pulmonary medicine research from around the world.

  • Scientific articles - Our digital library contains in-depth articles ona variety of pulmonary medicine topics, written in an accessible manner.

  • Expert interviews - We regularly interview leading experts in pulmonary medicine, so we can bring you the most up-to-date and reliable information.

  • Patient Tips - We provide practicalinformation and advice for patients on prevention, treatment and livingwith lung disease.


  Our community is beginning to grow, and with it our understanding of pulmonary medicine is growing. Join us on this fascinating journey through discovering the mysteries of our lungs.

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  We are here for you. ShortnessOfBreath.it - your guide to the world of pulmonary medicine.


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